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Trusted Manpower Agency

Techni-Pro Industriel Inc is a leading personnel agency. We are highly dedicated to providing professional manpower services at reasonable rates. Our prospective employees are skilled and well-versed in their lines of work, and have years of experience in their respective industries. Count on us to provide the best staff to suit your budget and requirements.

Why Tap the Services of Techni-Pro Industriel Inc?:

  • We help hire professionals when you need to operate with a predetermined budget
  • We recommend only candidates who meet your criteria
  • We offer a warranty on candidates
  • You can hire candidates after a period of time
  • Our prices are competitive
  • Our overheads include issues of payroll, preparation of t-4 and tp-4, deductions, holidays prescribed by the standards liber, vacation pay, other government regulations, costs of research, and French services

Short-Term Contact:

  • C.S.S.T
  • Health Vacancy
  • Modifications
  • Overload
  • Replacement Vacancy
  • Shut down

Long-Term Contract:

  • Permanence
  • Qualified personnel for all your needs
  • Tryout period before engagement

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Entrust the recruitment work to us and have peace of mind by knowing your staffing requirements are met professionally and on time. Call us at 450-446-2290 to schedule an appointment with our manpower experts and to initially discuss your needs and concerns. We are always happy to assist you.